Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tech problems!!

Hopefully I can get a few more images up thanks to my IT team in NZ (Thanks Heaps Rayna).

Today I went by scooter into a village where they have had no support yet. In some places the sea has claimed 800-1000m of shore line. The road is completly washed out and we had to ferry over parts of the river. The rest of the way we rode or pushed the bike through the water and mud.

Most of the people around here are living in tents or in Mosque. Fairly big towns have simply been wiped out with nothing standing. The land here is completly flat so any one who survived had to cling to coconut palms. It's amazing that 2-3 story concrete buildings are flatened and nothing is left but foundations but the coconut palms are still standing!

Didn't feel so well today I think I am still suffering from something I ate but felt better once I started work.

Oh well see you all soon




Anonymous Greg said...

beautiful photographs. Really loved the blog. You might want to check out mine.

1:32 am  

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