Friday, May 06, 2005



I'm at the UN airport in Banda Aceh still, all flights are grounded due to bad weather!

Some people have been waiting here since 8am its now 10:30 my flight was due to leave at 11:30 but somehow I think I will be waiting for a long time. I am supposed to be met at Meulaboh by someone from CRS but not sure weather this will happen.

I was very worried that I had no water with me but they just bought some out. Now I'm hungry as my driver turned up early and I didn't have time for breakfast. I only got half way through my 3 in 1 coffee (Milk powder, sugar and coffee). So now we wait in the hot on the tarmac and hope that the weather clears.

It is not such a hot day because of the clouds and the breeze. But still maybe 30. I leave Meulaboh May 10 so not so long before I go home now. It has been an amazing trip I really hope to come back soon. The people here are wonderful.

I am getting used to the heat but never will I get used to the shower in the morning I think, ever though its hot its not so fun to pour freezing cold water all over yourself!!


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