Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Medan to Aceh

Arrived in Medan and hung out with JRS there for a few hours while I waited for my flight to Banda Aceh.

The Humidity and the heat here is phenominal, it feels like being in a sauna!

The flight to Aceh went fine and I'm now with JRS in Banda. Went out for dinner and now just back to write this.

This place is truly amazing! The mix of colonial, trditional, and modern archetecture makes great eye candy.

There is a lot here still standing. I haven't seen much of the city yet but it seems that the damage isn't as wide spread as reports made it out to be. Although I havn't seen the sea I have seen half a dozen boats parked up in odd places. The earthquake is evident but apart from the boats the tsunami isn't.

No pics yet but hopefully tomorrow.

The biggest eye opener is the Autonomous drivers movement which seems to be very popular here and Medan. Everything is communicated by beeps of the horn or just plain driving through. The white line in the middle of the road, I guess, is some kind of rough guide. Despite all this it seems to work incredably well mainly (I believe) because the trafic is moving so slow. I saw a blind old man walking along in the middle of the lane with bikes and 4wd weaving around him without so much of a
blink from anyone.

Anyway take care



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