Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Well, landed in Singapore last night. It was a quick rush accross the terminal at Christchurch as my plane had been delayed.

Now I'm just waiting for my flight across to Medan, and feeling like shit! I got a goodnights sleep last night but I'm suffering from the worst case of the Flu I have ever had and I'm scoffin down cough lozenges like nobodys business. I don't think the elderly couple squashed next to me appriciated me having to get up every half hour either.

The humidity here is amazing and its only 5am. I'm a bit worried about how the body will take it when I get to Indonesia. And I have to carry this stupid jersey with me everywhere as it was still bloody cold when we left Wellington!

Ok well, take care guys I have to go find gate E10.

E noho ra



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey camo
good to get your post. enjoy the humidity! good luck on your journey.

1:42 am  

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