Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Time to leave :-(

Well my flight is supposed to leave for Medan at 3pm, but there is a JRS car driving to Meulaboh today as well, it takes two days on a very rough road so I might try to go in the car. I would like to see as much of Aceh as possible and I have two nights planed for Medan before my flight leaves so I have the time. Hopefully I will meet with Ade from IDEP this morning, communication has been a little bit difficult as well as schedules.

I really want to come back here soon, I hope it is possible.

Someone sent through a report to me this morning about the relief effort and its progress. I don't think the person writing it has been here yet because they have no perception of how hard people are working in very difficult conditions. There is just so much to do here.

OK so I will post some more when I get to Medan.

E noho ra



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